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Businesses are using videos on their websites and other digital campaigns to improve its user engagement. Animateuncle, is a one stop animation studio for 2D&3D animations, from concept to delivery our experts brings animations to life in engaging and vibrant productions. Our mission is to help agencies and brands inspire and captivate their audiences through creative use of visual content. With new undertaking, our aim is to unlatch full potential of every idea, business or product we work on. Every project is different and our team brings its unique perspective and expertise to deliver visually exciting animations. We deliver each project with vision in mind, that’s how we consistently deliver the brand experiences our clients’ desire.

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Animateuncle is a team of devoted creatives and knows how to help you build reliable and profitable animated business videos to make sure you make a great impact with your clients and also make additional revenue from advertising networks. We have worked with some of the influential companies to created animated videos for their audiences and now it is the time for you to harness that power for your business. With every new project in hand, we proudly unleash efficacy of patron’s business by spreading it to a wider business world through our eminent corporate motion graphics, explainer videos and 2D&3D animated videos. We take a thorough approach to each and every project and find the best creative and technical solutions throughout the production process in order to deliver high impact animations which will leave a lasting impression.


2D & 3D Combined Explainer Video

Live Action with track element explainer video

2D animation

2D & 3D product manuals

2D & 3D animated informative videos

2D & 3D animated mobile intros

2D & 3D animated HR guidelines

2D & 3D user guidelines

2D & 3D animated commercial ads

3d logo animation

3D explainer videos

Whiteboard explainer video

Screencast explainer video

3d animation

2D character animation

2D logo animation

2D motion graphics videos

Logo animation with motion graphics

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